We can’t have a real, physical, kick-the-tyres Wheels in 2020, but we’ve worked out something to go in its place, which we are calling Wadebridge Web Wheels.

Instead of bringing your cars, bikes and other vehicles to Wadebridge for people to see and admire, post a photo or three of them on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WadebridgeWheels/

We will be making awards in various categories, some the same as at a normal Wheels, some entirely new. There will also be a “people's choice” award for the posting with most ‘likes’.

Anyone can enter. There is no registration, no fee and no need to have exhibited before – just post your photos on our Facebook page. You can start posting now, but we have a closing date of 12th July. Any posts after this date will be visible on Facebook, but will not be counted for awards. Judging will take place in the week following, with winners announced on the original date for Wheels, 19th July.

We’re looking for up to three photos in a post, preferably with one that includes you as owner. (We can’t stop you posting more than three, of course, but be warned that the judges have a short attention span and get bored after three…)

Award winners will be announced on Facebook and on our website. In addition, winners will be granted VIP entry to wheels 2021 to show off their vehicles in a new VIP area of the showground (though if you’d prefer to park up with your mates, that’s okay too).

Do read the Competition Details, which include details of all the 12 award categories and the information you should include with the photos in your Facebook post, so that we can ensure we put you in the correct category. It also explains how you can enter if you don’t use Facebook.

Entry to Web Wheels is free, but please do think about making a donation to St Petroc’s Society – see box alongside.