Wheels Exhibitors

Wadebridge Wheels (21st July 2024) welcomes classic vehicles of all kinds – Classic, Vintage, Veteran, Agricultural, American, Stationary, Commercial, Military, Motor Cycle, Steam, Kit & Custom, Supercars – over 20 years old. Last time we had over 1,100 registered exhibits.

Registrations are open for 2024, but will close on 14th July, just over a week before the show. Please register your vehicle by clicking on the button below.

Exhibitor entry is free for the driver and one passenger, although we encourage exhibitors to make a suggested donation of £5, upon registration. (See donation box alongside.) Additional passengers must pay the visitor entry fee of £8 per person (children under 12 free).

Any drivers and their passengers who do not register in advance, but would like their vehicle to take part in Wheels, will be charged the visitor entry fee of £8 per person for everyone in the vehicle (children under 12 free).

We have observed that last year some vehicle classifications had only a few entries and in some cases none. We will be looking again after this year’s show to see if we can sensibly reduce the number of classifications by removing those hardly used, making it easier to establish the layout for the show in future. This applies to both classifications that are vehicle types and classifications that are registered clubs. The classification name appears in an alphabetical list in the drop-down menu on the registration screen.

Plaques: This year, commemorative plaques will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis at the Rotary Information tent at Wheels, at a cost of £2. They can no longer be ordered in advance. Sales were low last year, and if this repeats in 2024 we will be seriously considering not doing them any more.

Please read the Important Information for Exhibitors and the Terms and Conditions before registering your vehicle.

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