Important information to read before you register

Revised for 2024

  1. ELIGIBILITY: Wheels is open to all classes: Classic, Vintage, Veteran, Agricultural, American, Stationary, Commercial, Military, Motor Cycle, Steam, Kit & Custom, Supercars. Display will be by make, model, age or type as appropriate. Individual Clubs can exhibit providing all vehicles fall into one or more of the listed classes.

    In the interests of the owner/enthusiasts exhibiting at the rally and also the paying public who financially support the day the following age rule applies …

  2. AGE OF EXHIBITS: Individual exhibits must
    • either be over 20 years old (manufactured before 2004)
    • or, if newer, be owned by a member of an exhibiting, recognised car club and be an appropriate model for that club. All such modern vehicle clubs must be approved by the organisers prior to registration.

      Potential exhibitors who are not able to comply with the age or club requirements are welcome to ask, but may be refused. Acceptance of an entry is at the organiser's discretion. Exceptions considered: vehicles that are unusual, rare or interesting such as kit built, modern sports or supercars. Recently built replicas and some customised cars may be considered. If in doubt, please email our Registration Officer  (preferred), or call between 7.00pm and 8.00pm Tuesday to Saturday on 07813 770402.
    If you do not have internet access yourself or via a friend or relative, you can phone the Registration Officer on 07813 770402 between 7.00pm and 8.00pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

    Exhibitor entry is free for the driver and one passenger, although we encourage exhibitors to make a suggested donation of £5 to our headline charity upon registration. Additional passengers must pay the visitor entry fee of £8 per person (children under 12 free).

    Register your vehicle only once, please, and allow at least 7 days for confirmation to arrive before you phone us to check. Do not register again if you do not receive an immediate email response. The on-line entry form on the registration page enables you to select your appropriate classification from a drop-down list.

    The entry form requires your vehicle registration number. If your exhibit does not have a vehicle registration number, please enter your surname and the year of manufacture.

    Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly as this is needed to send your entry card.

    If you wish to be sited with friends, please arrive together.

    ALL exhibitors must register as individuals (even if attending as part of a group or club). We do not have the facility to take group bookings, but if you are attending as part of a club or group exhibit please state the name of the group or club in the 'Additional Notes' box on the entry screen form.

    Wheels is a charitable event and all net proceeds will go to the local charities chosen to benefit from this year’s show. We encourage exhibitors to donate via the registration page to our charities, though there will also be an opportunity to make a donation on the day. We hope we can count on your usual support. Any club that wishes to make a donation can hand collections in to our reception tent. Please advise us of the name of your group or club at the time.

  4. LATE ENTRIES: Any drivers and their passengers who do not register in advance, but would like their vehicle to take part in Wheels, will be charged the visitor entry fee of £8 per person for everyone in the vehicle (children under 12 free).

  5. PHOTOGRAPHY: By entering the event exhibitors agree to allow any photographs taken on the day to be published both on our website and in the press as deemed appropriate by the committee.

  6. GAZEBOS: Due to space constraints gazebos may only be erected on Club Stands (Pre-arranged).

  7. INSURANCE: All vehicles driven on site must be fully road legal, carry a current MOT and be insured. The driver must hold a current driving licence.
    (The Showground is not classed as private land for this purpose).

    Public Liability Insurance is held by the organisers to cover all usual risks, but insurance of vehicles and road traffic liability remains the owners' responsibility.

  8. SAFETY: Exhibits should be in place by 10am, before the gates open to public, and leave after 4pm. A strict speed limit of 5mph must be observed at all times. Barbecues are prohibited anywhere on the site.

  9. TRADE, CRAFT & AUTOJUMBLE: Please go to our Trade web page or  telephone or email our trade entry officer direct: mobile 07977 128251; email

  10. COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUES will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis at the Rotary Information tent at Wheels, at a cost of £2. They can no longer be ordered in advance.

  11. DATA PROTECTION: We will hold the information you provide on registration for one year following the Wheels event. We will use this to contact you about next year’s event, so long as you give us permission to do so by clicking ‘Yes’ on the relevant question on the registration form.

  12. CLOSING DATE: Saturday 14th July 2024. For insurance reasons we have to know how many people are expected, so early registration is important. Please advise us if, having registered, you find that you can’t attend. Entries on the day may be charged the visitor entry fee of £8 per person for everyone in the vehicle (children under 12 free).


In case of query, email our Registration Officer  (preferred), or call between 7.00pm and 8.00pm Tuesday to Saturday on 07813 770402.